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Aldi £1.99 Sunscreen Offers Better Protection Than Top Brands | Alicante Holiday Villas

A recent consumer survey revealed that Aldi’s £1.99’s sunscreen offers BETTER protection than Garnier’s Ambre Solaire and Piz Buin – but costs three times less!

Suncreams In Alicante

A survey for a recent UK Channel 5 TV programme showed that discount sunscreen from Aldi protected much better against UVAs (Ultraviolet A-rays) than products from Nivea or Garnier, and for less than half the price!

The show looked into 6 sunscreens – all with a Sun Protection Factor of 30 and compared 6 brands: Nivea Sun, Garnier Ambre Solaire, Piz Buin, Boots, Superdrugs and Aldi’s own brands. The comparison was based on several factors, starting with their star rating. (Sunscreens are rated out of 5 stars, with five meaning ‘ultra’ – the best level of protection there is.)

Aldi’s Lacura              £1.99           5*
Boots Soltan               £4.00         5*
Superdrug Solait       £4.99          5*
Ambre Solaire            £5.38          3* (which is below the NHS recommendation of 4 stars)
Nivea Sun                   £5.50           4*
Piz Buin                       £7.17           4*

The show then compared the level of protection offered by the 3 top sunscreens (Aldi, Boots and Superdrug) testing them under the supervision of Mark Birch-Machin, a Professor of Molecular Dermatology at Newcastle University. They found that all the creams offered the standard of protection against UV rays but the real difference lay in the price of the sunscreens. Superdrug and Boots suncreams were no better than Aldi when it came to UV protection, despite costing twice as much and the Aldi cream was a third of the price of the most expensive Piz Buin.  So there you have it – no excuse for you or the kids to burn when on holiday here in Alicante in one of our beautiful villas or apartments or on our gorgeous Carabassi beach!

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