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How To Save Money On Your Flight to Alicante – Money Saving Tips On Flights To Alicante

To help get the best flight price for your holiday to Alicante, Alicante Holiday Villas have the following advice and tips.

When Is The Best Time To Book A Flight To Alicante?

Experts who analysed the cost of flights to Alicante have stated that 8-9 weeks before departure flight prices are usually at their lowest.

How To Get A Cheap Flight To Alicante

In addition, there are some simple rules to get the best deal on your flight to Alicante.

1. Fly Off Peak

Avoid booking flights to Alicante at peak season and consider flying at less popular hours of the day as this can really reduce costs. Also consider length of stay rather than the traditional 7, 10 or 14 day stay. Remember that Alicante Holiday Villas are completely flexible with the length of stay at any of their holiday villas and apartments in Gran Alacant, Alicante to enable you to get the best flight prices for your family.

2. Consider Alternative Airports

Flight prices to Alicante can vary significantly depending on which airline/airport you use. Try looking at alternative airports in your home country if possible to compare prices.

3. Compare Prices

Use a travel comparison site like Skyscanner to enable you to compare the widest range of airlines at the touch of a button.

4. Consider Fly/Drive To Alicante

Contemplate travelling to Madrid and then driving to Alicante (approx. 4 hours) to make massive savings in July and August as Madrid empties in the summer months due to the intense heat and everyone heads to the coastal resorts such as Alicante, so flights are typically cheaper. For instance, the cheapest one way fight from London Gatwick (LGW) to Alicante-Elche (ALC) on 1st August 2014 with EasyJet is £114.00, whereas a one way flight from London Gatwick (LGW) to Madrid (MAD) on the same date with EasyJet is just £71.00 – a massive saving of £172.00 for a family of four.
And a return flight just one week later on 8th August 2014 from Alicante-Elche (ALC) to London Gatwick (LGW) with EasyJet is £114.00 again, whereas a one way flight from Madrid (MAD) to London Gatwick (LGW) on the same day is just £42.00 with Norwegian Airlines – an incredible saving of £288.00 for a family of four! So, just by flying to Madrid and then driving to Alicante, a family of four could save a massive £460.00.

Car Hire To Drive to Alicante

Checking car rental sites, for 1st August – 8th August 2014 from Madrid, a Vauxhall Corsa (or similar) can be hired for just £156.55 – leaving you with an amazing overall saving of £303.45! The motorway from Madrid to Alicante on the A3/A31 takes just under 4 hours and is an extremely scenic route. For tips on driving in Spain, take a look at Alicante Holiday Villas driving tips and advice page.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out Alicante Holiday Villas beautiful range of holiday villas and apartments now!

We hope you enjoyed the article! Remember you can search for your perfect property in Alicante by using our alicante villa search on our home page. Please don't hesitate to contact us directly for help and advice.

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