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There are many fiestas in Alicante! To help you make the most of your Alicante Holiday Villas holiday, and for more details on Fiestas in Alicante, please see the detailed pages. Part of the fun of being in Alicante, especially during the summer months, is the amount of fiestas taking place. 

Fiestas In Alicante

Many holidaymakers to Alicante tend to stay on the beach or their holiday villa or apartment, but they are missing out on some incredible fiestas! Many people find the surrounding villages or towns 'dead' in the summer afternoons and sometimes it is difficult to find even a bar open! This is because the Spanish, especially in the villages, tend to sensibly retreat from the hot midday sun for their traditional siesta. 

Fiestas In Alicante - What Happens

Many of the traditional parades, especially in the summer in Alicante, take place in the evenings and by missing these you risk missing out on a vibrant part of Spanish culture that will enchant you. These village fiestas, that last around a week, are tremendous fun and are a combination of traditional ceremonies, contemporary music, bands and of course, fireworks.

Alicante Fiestas

These village fiestas in Alicante are rarely promoted commercially. They are for the resident of the village or town and have never been intended to attract holidaymakers. This is part of their beauty and why if you can, you should make the effort to see one - you will be made most welcome! However, be prepared for a late night as travelling through the sleepy village in early afternoon you may wonder where everyone is, but visit late afternoon around 19.00 and you will be pleasantly surprised! Most live music (or verbenas) will start after midnight and continue until around 04.00!

Types of Fiestas In Alicante

Alicante Holiday Villas has a list of the major fiestas in Alicante during the year but the biggest fiesta in the year for Alicante is Hogueras (Bonfires Of St John) in June.

What Fiestas Are On In Alicante

Bear in mind that the main fiestas for Alicante Town take part throughout the day and into the early hours, whereas the village fiestas in Alicante are, as said before, more evening based.

Moors And Christians In Alicante

One of the best type of village fiestas are the Moors and Christians (Moros y Cristianos). These are a week or so of mock battles with cannons, camels, elephants, castles, gunpowder, fireworks and flamboyant costumes, commemorating the battles between the Moors (Muslims) and Christians during the period known as the Reconquista (8th-15th century). One of the best Moors and Christians festival is in Alcoy every April about 25 minutes drive from Gran Alacant where all Alicante Holiday Villas properties are located).

So be sure to try and take in a local fiesta during your holiday in Alicante! To see more about each one, click on the links below :

January Fiestas in Alicante

New Year In Alicante - Nochevieja En Alicante
Three Kings in Alicante - Los Reyes Magos En Alicante

February/March Fiestas in Alicante

Alicante Carnival - Carnavales En Alicante

March/April Fiestas in Alicante

Easter In Alicante - Semana Santa En Alicante
Santa Faz Pilgrimage in Alicante (April)

May Fiestas in Alicante

May Crosses In Alicante - Cruces de Mayo En Alicante
Festival De Cometas - Festival of Kites

June Fiestas in Alicante

Alicante Hogueras

July Fiestas in Alicante

Virgen del Carmen

August Fiestas in Alicante

Nit De Alba - Elche Fireworks

September Fiestas in Alicante

Moors And Christians - Santa Pola

December Fiestas in Alicante

Christmas In Alicante - Navidad En Alicante