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Terra Natura

Open all year round!! This theme park is just outside Benidorm and next to Terramitica, based on the natural world we live in with over 1,500 animals from 200 different species in their natural habitat, including 50 which are in serious danger of extinction. Split into 4 areas, this park will bring your senses to life! Why not launch yourself into space at over 50km an hour on an amazing zip-wire than runs 400m long across a field of elephants or dare to swim alongside rays and sharks? Just off the A7 motorway north of Alicante. 

Terra Natura Animal Park

Here, you can take a stroll through nature with the sounds of wild animals ringing in your ears and watch elephants feeding, monkeys climbing and sea lions playing. See birds of prey with their amazing wing spans, camels, tigers, reptiles, rhinos, deer and many other animals from all around the world. There are also hundreds of species of trees, shrubs and bushes. 

Terra Natura Wildlife Park - Benidorm

In addition to it being a very enjoyable family day out, you can also learn more about animals and their habitats. The 320,000sqm park is divided into four themed areas, Pangea, America, Europe and Asia

Terra Natura - Pangea

In Pangea, at the entrance, you will discover more about plants and animals that use poison to defend themselves and you can see 2 poisonous lizards in the world - the Gila Monster and the Mexican Bearded Lizard. Learn all about the characteristics of venoms and their antidotes with informative panels, and videos, plus the keepers at Terra Natura are always on hand to answer questions. 

Terra Natura - America

In America, you will find beautifully coloured flamingos, llamas, alpacas,guinea pigs, goats, macaws, parrots, toucans, capuchin monkeys, armadillos and wild boars. The path will lead you to the ruins of the Temple of the Jaguars, where inside you will find jaguars in a setting of waterfalls. 

Terra Natura - Europe

With the calm, blue Mediterranean sea backdrop, you will find the cliff top Greek village of Kalicameni, where you can take a trip by donkey through the carob and pine trees and see fallow deer and roebucks plus curlews, swans and wild ducks by the lagoon. 

Terra Natura - Asia

In Asia you will encounter birds of prey including falcons, vultures and owls, water buffaloes, dromedaries, Brasingha deer, Indian rhinoceroses, crocodiles, and, in the Temple of the Tigers, the majestic Sumatran tiger. There is also an ancient Indian temple which has been converted into a perfect place for children to play. After this you travel on to Itanagar Forest where a path leads you to the Indian elephants and the Elephant Palace, which is an ancient Indian fortress where you will find a whole host of elephants, some bathing just a few metres from you.

In addition, there are themed restaurants throughout the park where you can enjoy delicious meals from around the world, such as in the Asian quarter is an Indian Tea Room, in the Europe quarter is a traditional Greek taverna called Dimitris, but in addition are many snack bars and cafes located throughout the park. Plus character animals wander the park and host shows and entertainment too! FOR MORE INFORMATION please contact them here