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Essential information

The following information will help you to find out about certain aspects of your Alicante Holiday Villas holiday.


Each of our villas and apartments are privately owned and are decorated and furnished to the owner's individual taste so the standards and styles will differ from property to property. We try to give honest and accurate descriptions of each property along with a range of internal and external photos. With some properties it is not always possible to accommodate all occupants at one time in the lounge or dining area.


Where air-conditioning is available it is detailed in the individual property description. We ask that you are considerate towards the owner and aware of the wider environmental impact and that you use the air-conditioning wisely.

Aircraft Noise

All the properties featured on our website are located about 10 minutes drive from Alicante airport but are not on the flight path. However some distant aircraft noise may be heard from time to time particularly during the summer due to the increased number of flights operating in and out of Alicante airport.

Arrival / Departure Times

Arrival time is from 3pm (4pm in properties 472, 488 and 499) on the first day of your holiday. So that the property is cleaned and prepared for new arrivals, departure time is by 10am on the last day of your holiday.


You have booked self catering accommodation so you are left to do your own thing. With your final travel documents you will be supplied with the name and telephone number of the local property manager/keyholder. Should you experience any difficulty or problem with any aspect of the accommodation you should contact the local property manager/keyholder in the first instance.

Baby and child equipment

We can supply a comprehensive range of baby and child equipment, please see the relevant page. Some properties supply a travel cot and other equipment free of charge. Please specify when booking which of these items you will require so they can be made available for you. Please note that bedding for cots is not supplied, please bring your own or you can hire a linen pack through us.


Unless otherwise stated in the property descriptions all double beds measure 135cm x 190cm (4ft 6inches x 6ft 2inches).

Building Work

All our holiday properties are situated in residential areas and work may begin on a neighbouring property over which we have no control, nor are we given prior notice. However, in any event, we will always do our best to inform you of the facts in advance but if this is not possible we cannot be held responsible for any noise or nuisance that may arise from a neighbouring property. As with most coastal areas in Spain, there is on-going construction work in Gran Alacant. Where we believe this may affect the quality of your holiday we have included the relevant information in the property details.

Changeover day

We are able to be flexible about arrival and departure days, however in peak season (July and August) we have to try and fit in bookings that do not leave gaps we are unlikely to sell.


We welcome children of all ages in our properties. Children can be inquisitive and in a new place there are lots of new things to explore. Please ensure that children are not left unsupervised at any time during your holiday and take particular care with stairs, balconies, roof terraces, glass doors and swimming pools. Parents are solely responsible for the safety and actions of their children at all times.

Cleaning, bed linen and towels

The accommodation will be cleaned before your arrival and sufficient bed linen and one bath and one hand towel left for each person. A daily or weekly maid service is not provided. If you require a mid term clean and/or linen/towel change please speak to the keyholder/property manager locally who will be able to help. An additional charge will apply. Beach/pool towels are not provided but are available to hire.

Disabled Travellers

Alicante Holiday Villas Ltd is not a specialist in providing holidays for the disabled. Many of our properties are not equipped to cater for the needs of disabled guests and wheelchair users. Please advise us when enquiring of any specific needs and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Glass windows & doors

Please be very careful with windows and particularly full length glass doors to patios and solariums & roof terraces. The glass may not be toughened and sometimes, in different surroundings, accidents occur more easily than they can do at home.


For the winter months heating is supplied via the air-conditioning units in those properties equipped with air-conditioning or from small portable electric radiators and/or gas heaters. Winters in Spain can be cold, particularly at night, and as most of the properties are built from concrete and designed to be cool in the summer, you may find individual properties not to be as warm as you might expect at home.

Hot water

Most properties have water heaters with a smaller capacity tank than you may have at home meaning it may not be possible to have consecutive showers for each member of your party. Short showers spaced out are best. This is particularly important in the cooler days of spring and autumn. We ask for your patience and co-operation as these situations are outside of our control. 


Mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches and other insects are endemic in Spain. Insect powders and sprays are good repellents but it does help to keep crumbs to a minimum, all foodstuffs are properly stored and floors and work surfaces are kept clean. Mosquitoes can be kept away by a good spray that can be bought in any of the supermarkets.


Free Wi-Fi is available in all our properties and is detailed in the property descriptions. We cannot guarantee the speed or the availability of the service. Should there be a problem we will endeavour to have it fixed as soon as possible however we are reliant on third party companies. We are unable to offer a refund for any loss of service for any length of time.


One set of keys per property is supplied. It may be possible for a second set to be made available, please speak to the property manager/keyholder locally. An additional charge for cutting may be made and a security deposit taken locally.


Kitchens include crockery, cutlery, glasses, kettle, toaster, oven, hob etc and a reasonable range of cooking utensils. Some properties have additional facilities and these will be listed in the property description. Cleaning products and materials are not generally provided.

Length of stay

We welcome stays of any number of nights with a minimum charge equivalent to 3 nights stay. In peak season (30 June to 31 August) the minimum stay is 7 nights. In the winter (1 November - 31 March) the minimum stay is 7 nights although in some properties the minimum stay is 28 nights to qualify for a cheap winter rate.

Lost Property

Any personal items left behind after your stay will be held for a period of 28 days. If not claimed after 28 days items will be destroyed or donated to charity as applicable. If you want any items returned please contact us by email. Postage and packing will be charged at cost plus a 10 Euros handling fee.

Private Pools / Gardens

Private swimming pools and gardens are maintained by third party contractors who have access to the garden area. Gardens have to be maintained on a regular basis and this cannot be done only on changeover days. Private pools are checked and cleaned on a regular basis. Times are not fixed so we cannot tell you in advance when the garden or pool will be maintained. We ask for your co-operation during a maintenance visit.

Property Manager/Keyholder

The local property manager/keyholder is employed by the individual owner of each property and not by Alicante Holiday Villas. The property manager/keyholder is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the property and for helping you with any problem that you may encounter with the accommodation. The property manager/keyholder will be willing to impart local information and may be able to arrange taxis etc but we ask that you only contact him or her if you have difficulties with the accommodation or in an emergency. The property manager/keyholder will make every effort to resolve any problem that you may have with the accommodation but we ask for your understanding that some things are outside of his or her control. Please note that during busy periods it may not be possible for the property manager/keyholder to meet you at the property on arrival/departure however you will be given information about where to collect/leave the keys.

Public Holidays

Current known national, regional and local  holidays in the Alicante area are listed below. Please note that most supermarkets, shops, banks etc will be closed for part or all of these days:

2023 - 1 & 6 January, 19 March, 7 & 10 April, 1 May, 19 & 24 June, 15 August, 8 September, 9 & 12 October, 1 November, 6, 8 & 25 December 

2024 - 1 & 6 January, 19 March, 31 March & 3 April, 1 May, 19 & 24 June, 15 August, 8 September, 9 & 12 October, 1 November, 6, 8 & 25 December 

The main fiesta in the Gran Alacant area is celebrated from 1 to 8 September. During this period shops and banks may close for half or full days.


Not all our properties have safes. Where these are supplied, details can be found in the property description and in the facilities list.


The properties on our website are constructed to local building and safety regulations however safety standards and regulations may differ to those in your own country. Many terrace walls are 90cm to 1 metre high, whilst some others may be less. There may also be roof terraces with low walls. Many villas have several steps inside them and gardens may have some drops or slopes. Several villas have staircases that can be steep and occasionally low head heights. Be aware of the ground condition at all times and be cautious by taking the necessary steps to ensure your safety and especially that of children and the elderly. At other times, ground areas open to the elements or from water from the swimming pool or outside shower may be wet and caution is required at all times.

Despite our efforts and advice given, it is ultimately your responsibility for the care and safety of the members of your group. 

Satellite Navigation

Whilst satellite navigation is useful for finding places of interest during your stay, to avoid difficulties we strongly recommend you use the directions supplied to locate your holiday property as these are more accurate than most satellite navigation systems. Longitude and latitude co-ordinates can be found on individual property pages under the map location.

Satellite Television/DVD/CD Player/ Games Systems

UK satellite television is available only where stated in the property description. Subscription channels, such as Sky Sports, are not available. Expect to receive some UK free to air channels. Some properties have a television which may have local and national Spanish channels only. We cannot guarantee the availability of any channel. We are unable to offer a refund for any loss of service for any length of time. If the property description states a DVD/CD player or games console is available, we recommend you bring your own DVDs/CDs and/or games as any that may be supplied in the accommodation might not be to your taste or liking.

Sun Tan Cream

Please DO NOT use the 'once a day' type sun tan creams, such as P20 as this stains bedding, towels, furniture etc and is almost impossible to remove. If any items are contaminated with this product during your stay, there may be a charge levied for replacements.

Swimming Pools - Communal

All communal are unheated. All communal pools are subject to the rules and regulations laid down by the local Community of Owners over which we have no control. There are no bar/cafe/shop services at any of the communal pools. Sunbeds are not supplied at the communal pools. Infants must wear aqua nappies.

Swimming Pools - Private

All private pools are unheated. Pool sizes in the property descriptions are approximate and for guidance only and have been measured from the longest and widest points.

Swimming Pools - Private, conditions of use

You are solely responsible for the safety of all members of your party and to ensure they follow the conditions of use. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself, the rest of your group and any children with you, with the shallow and deep ends.

For your own safety, the safety of everyone in your group and the safety of future guests:

No running around the pool
Wear suitable footwear when around the pool
Do not take glasses, bottles or cans in or near the pool
No eating, drinking or smoking in the pool
Do not put anything in the skimmer baskets
Strictly no diving, children included

If broken glass is found in the pool then the water may have to be drained, the glass removed and the pool re-filled. This may take up to 48 hours and you may be charged for the cost of the water.

To maintain the clarity and cleanliness of the water you must, before swimming, use the shower to remove as much sun cream/lotion/oil as possible. Creams, lotions and oils interfere with the filtration system and use of the pool whilst wearing creams, lotions and oils will result in an oily film appearing on the surface of the water which is difficult to remove. Creams, lotions and oils may also cause the water to go cloudy and even green as the chlorine struggles to cope. This will result in the pool being closed for 24 - 48 hours whilst the water is chlorine shocked, the pump put on to run continuously and the chemicals re-balanced once the water is clear. In these cases additional pool maintenance and additional chemicals will be chargeable and deducted from your security bond.

Do not interfere with the jets as these circulate the water through the filtration system to keep the water clean and safe. Please also do not interfere with the pump controls.

Children must not use the pool unaccompanied at any time, no matter their level of ability. It is recommended that children swim in UV/ sun safe swimwear or white cotton t-shirts.

Infants must wear aqua nappies. If your child has an accident the pool must be evacuated and closed, the debris removed immediately and the keyholder/property manager informed. The pool will need extra purification and will be off limits until made safe. Always encourage children to use the toilet and then shower before they swim. Never allow a child with diarrhoea to use the pool. Adults and children must not swim if they have had diarrhoea in the last 7 days.

Guests are not permitted to admit any person other than those on the booking form to use the pool.

If you feel there is a problem with the water quality, the pump or filtration system please contact the keyholder/property manager without delay.

Swimming Pools - Safety

Pools are maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. Sometimes, because of prolonged use of the pool, water in the ears can cause an infection, particularly in children. This does not necessarily mean the pool chemicals are incorrectly balanced. After swimming you should ensure that ears are thoroughly dried out and any trapped water removed before it can become infected. Please follow these simple common sense rules to ensure the pool is used safely:

Make sure you know the depths of the pool and which are the deep and shallow ends.
Strictly no diving in any pool.
Do not run around the pool side, surfaces may be wet and slippery.
Swim within the depths you are comfortable with.
Children and non swimmers must be supervised at all times.
Be aware of the surrounding surfaces, drainage channels, tiled surfaces and raised edges.
Do not swim directly after eating and avoid swimming if you have been drinking alcohol.

Chlorine is a natural bleaching agent. The more the pool is used and the hotter the weather, the more chemicals are required to keep swimming pool water safe to use. This can react with certain fabrics and dyes used on them, causing them to lighten or discolour. Many items of swimwear carry warnings to this effect and neither we nor the owner can accept any responsibility for any damage caused to your property, whilst complying with obligations to ensure your swimming pool remains safe to use. Certain colours of blonde hair may also develop a green tinge. This reaction is natural and does not mean the chemical balance of water is incorrect. Please rinse your hair thoroughly in fresh water after using the pool.

Taxi Services

Properly licensed and insured taxis are freely available at Alicante airport. Journey time to Gran Alacant is around 10 minutes and the fare around 20 Euros. Not all the taxi drivers know all the roads in Gran Alacant however the directions we supply you are good enough to use in conjunction with the driver who may or may not speak some English. Left and right hand signals though are the same in any language! Please note there are plenty of people who will offer to give you a lift to the airport, Benidorm or other places. Please be aware these people are not licensed nor are they insured for fare paying passengers. You use these services entirely at your own risk. Alicante Holiday Villas do not organise airport transfers. We strongly recommend that you use only properly licensed taxis or transfer companies.


Water, electricity and gas use are included in the rental price unless otherwise stated in the property description and/or price notes. From time to time properties in Spain can suffer from water and electricity shortages and supplies of both may be disconnected for short periods of time. Also you may find that the electricity will trip if you have too many appliances switched on at one time.