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Using The Vectalia Bus Network In Gran Alacant

The local bus stops show timetables but beware as they can be a little difficult to decipher. When you first get on a bus in the area ask the driver to give you a recent printed timetable which you will need during your travels. The middle section of the timetable will be most relevant for traveling between Gran Alacant, Alicante and Santa Pola. The left shows Santa Pola / Gran Alacant to Alicante and the right shows the reverse. The top section of the timetable relates to Monday to Friday times. HORARIO DE SABADOS sections relate to Saturday times and HORARIO DE DOMINGOS relates to Sunday timetables. 

Gran Alacant to Alicante By Bus

The bus stop for travelling into Alicante from Gran Alacant is a number 3 and the bus operator is Vectalia. The Alicante bus will drive down the very steep hill to the wonderful Carabassi beach and continue along the sea front passing Arenales Del Sol before cutting left inland and going through a fairly large town called El Altet. The bus will then continue to the Alicante bus station (Estacion De Autobuses.) The journey to Alicante from Gran Alacant takes around 35 minutes. 

Gran Alacant to Santa Pola By Bus

The Vectalia bus to Santa Pola enters Gran Alacant from Los Arenales along the beach road and its first stop is next to the Clot De Galvany Nature Reserve. It then travels up the hill (Avenida Mediterraneo) to its next stop at Sueno Azul urbanisation. It then heads straight across the roundabout by the Post Office in Gran Alacant, into Avenida Mediterraneo heading downhill towards the Gran Alacant Commercial Centre. About half way down the hill it makes another stop before continuing to its final stop in Gran Alacant opposite the Commercial Centre. Then it heads onto the N332 towards Santa Pola. The bus arrives in Santa Pola at the site of the large Saturday and Monday market and it is here that you should get off. You need to also use this same bus stop for your return trip to Gran Alacant and Alicante if you wish. When you arrive in Santa Pola our advice would be to keep the market place on your right and walk a couple of hundred yards down the road to the roundabout with some fountains. On the opposite side of the road you will see the Tourist information centre where you can get a free comprehensive map of Santa Pola making navigation of the town and beaches very easy indeed. 

Gran Alacant Circular Route Bus

There is also a Vectalia bus which does a circular route around Gran Alacant (Linea 15). Starting from the Gran Alacant Commercial Centre it goes up Avenida Mediterraneo to the Post Office roundabout where it turns right onto Avenida Escandanavia, and then turns right into Calle Monte de Santa Pola, past the Pharmacy and Santara Life Resort before following the road round, past the weekly market in Gran Alacant. The circular bus in Gran Alacant then turns left back out onto Avenida Escandanavia. At the Post Office roundabout it turns right onto Avenida Mediterraneo and continues down the hill to the Carabassi beach. It then returns to Gran Alacant via Avenida del Carabassi, past the Clot De Galvany Nature Reserve, before turning left into Avenida Noruega by the Carabassi bars and restaurants. From there it continues along Avenida Noruega past the detached villas before arriving back at the Gran Alacant Commercial Centre. For tickets you can buy them on the bus itself.