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Clot de Galvany - Gran Alacants Very Own Nature Reserve

El Clot de Galvany (or El Clot as it is affectionately known) is a Nature Reserve located on the outskirts of Gran Alacant, near the Carabassi beach and covers an area of some 366.31 hectares and was declared a Municipal Natural Park by the Valencian Government on 21st January 2005. 

What To See In The Clot de Galvany

Many types of birds and wildlife live in this eco-friendly area such as marbled teals, squaccos, white-headed ducks, storks and ferruginous ducks, plus amphibians including Natterjack toads and the common green frog and a variety of reptiles. Also, as hunting in the Clot de Galvany is not allowed, numerous rabbits abound. Clot de Galvany is also home to the best dune formation in the Alicante province and arguably one of the best in Valencia. 

Walking Routes in the Clot de Galvany

There are 2 routes that you can take to enjoy all that the Clot de Galvany has to offer and the clearly marked trails leave from the Nature Classroom near the entrance. 

Route 1 - Clot de Galvany

Route One heads towards both the natural and artificial ponds and wildlife observatories where visitors can observe in comfort many aquatic birds. 

Route 2 - Clot de Galvany
This second of the nature trails takes visitors towards the hills of Cabeco-Carabassi which surround the Clot de Galvany. Visitors will see pine trees, palms and bushes including thyme, sea lavender and rosemary and it is worth climbing the hills for a better view of the surrounding mountains and wetlands. Also on this trail you will find military trenches and bunkers that date back to the Civil War. 

Guided Tours - Clot de Galvany

Guided tours around the Clot de Galvany are available on Sundays and Public Holidays from the Nature Classroom, situated near the entrance and begin at 10.00 and last for approx. 2 hours on a 2km journey around the Clot. These walks are completely free and you are able to ask questions en route. 

Audio Show - Clot de Galvany

An alternative is an informative 30 minute audio visual show on the wildlife in the Clot de Galvany which takes place again on Sundays and Public Holidays in the Nature Classroom at 16.00. 

Picnic Area - Clot de Galvany

In addition to the beautiful scenery, walkways and wildlife, there is also a large shady picnic area in which to enjoy your packed lunch with covers to shade you from the summer sun.