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In 2015 The Typical British Holiday Will Be 10 Days In Spain Costing £1,220

According to a survey by Travel Supermarket, the average Briton is planning 3 breaks in 2015, with Spain remaining the most popular destination outside of the UK and that they will spend £1220.00 on their main holiday – an increase of 9% from 2014, according to the study, with a Spanish beach resort such as Alicante being the most popular choice.

Holiday In Spain in 2015

The study found that 12% of British adults say they plan to holiday in Spain in 2015, with the most popular break being a couple flying to Spain in June with a total spend of £1,218.52, including £707.24 from their savings to pay for flights and accommodation, leaving them with £511.28 spending money.

Holiday In Alicante In 2015

At Alicante Holiday Villas we are totally committed to flexibility of stay in our selection of beautiful villas and apartments in Gran Alacant, 10 minutes south of Alicante. Guests can stay for any number of nights with Alicante Holiday Villas, to enable them to get the best flight prices. In our most competitively priced 2 bedroom properties, 10 days in Alicante in June would cost just £393.00 – an incredible £98.00 per person for a family of four for the 10 days!

Flights To Alicante In 2015

A quick check for flights to Alicante in June 2015 on Skyscanner shows that the cheapest flights from the UK to Alicante in June are from London Stansted on 15th June 2015, East Midlands to Alicante on 8th June 2015, Birmingham to Alicante on 21st June 2015, Liverpool to Alicante on 14th June 2015, Manchester to Alicante on 15th June 2015 – all of which are just £34.00 one way! Therefore, why not take a look at Alicante Holiday Villas beautiful range of properties in Gran Alacant, just 10 minutes south of Alicante today!

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